Bil-Live Refrigerator Houses All Necessary Culinary Appliances

 - Oct 14, 2013
References: yankodesign
At first glance, the Bil-Live Refrigerator might look like a regular fridge -- albeit a sleek and modern one. What you won't realize until perusing the photos is that it has several trays that draw and swing out of it to facilitate all stages of food preparation.

Just beneath the upper cooling compartment, a countertop emerges like a drawer. It's on this surface that you can chop and organize your ingredients, right within reach of where you would store them. Immediately beneath this, a couple of stovetop elements swivel out so that you don't need to take a single step to get cooking. Finally, a dinner table can be pulled out of the Bil-Live Refrigerator for you to eat while sitting on the floor. Designed by Hosuk Jihyun and Jin-seok Kwon, this appliance is modular, compact and perfect for tiny urban apartments.