Hang Bill Gates' Mugshot in Your Home for Vintage Flair

 - Dec 1, 2013
References: olivergal & fancy
This retro Bill Gates mugshot will add a distinctly 60s vibe to your home. Before he was a multi-billion dollar software mogul, Bill Gates was just a regular ol' teenager with a need for speed. in 1977 that need got him arrested, leaving the world with this gem of a mugshot. Twenty-two year old Bill sports a mop-top hair-do, tinted sunglasses and the bashful grin of youth. Looking at this image, it's impossible to tell that this care-free dude would later co-found one of the largest and most influential software companies.

Celebrity mugshots are always fun for a laugh, especially unexpected ones like Bill Gates. If your decorating style is imbued with a sense of humor, you'll enjoy hanging this retro mugshot print in your home. It'll definitely be a groovy statement piece for your living room.