The 'Bikes Provide an Answer' Infographic Promotes Cycling

 - Jun 13, 2012
References: fastcodesign & amblermw
A case is made for ditching the smog-producing automobile in favor of a greener transportation method in this 'Bikes Provide an Answer' infographic.

Using statistics compiled from the Healthcare Management Degree, the chart shows that riding a bike everyday can dramatically reduce not only one's carbon footprint but one's waistline as well. The chart sites that in the first year of riding a bike daily, the average person will lose around 13 pounds.

Furthermore, it is also mentioned that 70 per cent of the car trips taken by Americans are less than 2 miles in length -- meaning that one could easily get to their destination on a bike in around 10 minutes. If that isn't enough motivation to switch from a four-wheeled ride to a two-wheeled one, the graph also mentions that bikes get people to their destinations 50 per cent faster than cars do when commuting during rush hour.