The Big Pocket Travel Jacket Lets You Carry More Luggage Than Others

 - Sep 24, 2011
References: rufusroo & ohgizmo
It was only a matter of time until commercial responses emerged to rising travel fees, and the Big Pocket Travel Jacket is the first volley in the name of travelers.

The average intercontinental flight will limit the luggage weight of customers to around 20 kg -- a modest proposal. Beyond that threshold, however, it becomes very pricey for people who have extra clothes or are moving homes. The Big Pocket Travel Jacket offers an alternative to paying those exorbitant fees: just stuff your pockets with your excess wares! Available in all sizes, the jacket has enough carrying space for your laptop, a handful of clothes, perhaps some food, and other bits and pieces. Afterwards, the coat closes snugly around you, reducing the size of your profile.

You may shock others with your audacious threads, but sometimes it's extra important that you bring all your electronic devices on vacation!