The Japanese Big King is Cheaper if Customers Also Eat a Big Mac

Burger King Japan has a very unconventional promotion going on for its Big King 4.0 burger.

The Big King burger has been around for a while on the Burger King menu worldwide. It's unabashedly similar to another 'Big' burger found on Burger King's biggest competitor's menu, featuring Thousand Island dressing, two patties and a toasted sesame bun. Burger King Japan decided to be honest about this mildly embarrassing similarity in its campaign for the newly released Big King 4.0.

Any time a customer orders a Big King in Japan, they have a chance to win a discount on their meal by presenting either a recent receipt for a Big Mac or a Big Mac burger itself to the cashier. Presumably, this is to encourage taste-testing between the other, more famous burger and the new Big King. While the Big King 4.0 is slightly more expensive than the Big Mac, Burger King's patties are flame-grilled -- which the company believes makes them far superior when compared to competitor products.