These Big Babol Ads Show Gigantic Fruit Chewing Gum Bubbles

 - Jun 21, 2014
References: facebook & adsoftheworld
At first, these Big Babol chewing gum ads don't seem like much to look at, but the minimal advertisements are actually quite clever. Most of the space on the ad is taken up by a flat fruit shape of either a pear, a mango or a tangerine. But if you look closely enough, there's actually a tiny silhouette of a person in the place of where the fruit's stem would naturally be, creating the illusion that the tiny little people have blown gigantic chewing gum bubbles.

The ads by the McCann agency in Mumbai are deceptively simple, but unbelievably witty and visually striking, even if it does take a closer look to appreciate the brilliance of the ad.