The Tannus Tyres Are Made with a Impenetrable Polymer Material

 - Feb 9, 2016
References: squareup
Bike commuters looking for accessories that increase the longevity of their ride and reduce maintainace might be interested in the Tannus Tyres that are a set of bicycle tires specifically designed to be puncture-proof. The tires are made with a special polymer composite that increases the strength of the rubber rendering it impenetrable by other sharp objects such as glass. This is ideal for city commuters looking to reduce the chances of repairing tires and keep maintenance costs down.

The Tannus Tyres offer a much stronger and lighter ride to bikers thanks to the foam design used to make the product. The tires are stronger and can stand up to sharp materials without piercing the material.

The Tannus Tyres also come in an array of fun, bright colors to add a bit of personality to monochromatic bike designs.