Photographer 'Bez Talentu' Captures Surprised Subjects Humorously

 - Dec 5, 2016
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A Czechoslovakian photographer known as 'Bez Talentu,' which translates to "without talent," recently lensed a series that was dubbed 'Unexpected Visit.'

In each of the images, subjects are shown to be caught in the middle of a private routine. For example, one shows a man in a towel mid-shave while another captures a woman doing her makeup without a top on. One woman even throws her baby in alarm, as she hurries to cover herself before the picture is taken.

Each model has an expression of sheer surprise, making Bez Talentu seem like an annoying sibling barging into a room. With this series, Bez Talentu reveals some of the comical habits people have when they think they're alone -- making for photography that's both humorous and relatable.