'Beyond Clueless' is a Documentary on 90s Teen Culture

 - Dec 23, 2014
References: youtube & firstshowing.net
Filmmaker Charlie Lyne's 'Beyond Clueless' is an exploration of the subtext behind our favorite teen movies.

Described as a "feature-length odyssey through teen cinema," the documentary is an in-depth analysis on the familiar coming-of-age narrative that's told time and time again. Movies like this, and, to some extent, movies in general, are an important part of our socialization and self-realization; we "become" ourselves by watching other people, people who look like us, "become" themselves in the confined and familiar context of high school.

The film's first official trailer features a snippet of Summer Camp's melancholy score, and narration by Fairuza Balk from The Waterboys. "High school is hypnotic," she says suggestively, "It ticks and tocks, drawing us into a world we know all too well. From memories, dreams and most of all, from the movies."