The 'Between Minds' Chart Divides the East and West

 - Jul 9, 2012
References: mindjet &
This 'Between Minds' chart details the speculated differences between those living on the East and West coasts of the USA.

Though not particularly scientific, but fairly upfront about that fact, this piece of content is hilarious if not a little bit offensive. Essentially highlighting the stereotype of overworked East coaster and laid-back West people, this is to be taken with a satirical grain of salt. Drawn in a cartoonish manner, with whimsical depictions of a map of the USA, this is different than an infographic in that it contains very little information, and no statistics.

Regardless of the lack of data, this is an entertaining chart with some funny observations about how people live based on where they're situated. Sure to resonate with at least a few viewers, this is an observant piece of viral content that likely comes from a place of experience.