Bethan Lloyd Worthington Tableware has a Splash of Artistic Flair

The artistic process is a fascinating one, especially when it involves precise enamel painting as the Bethan Lloyd Worthington Tableware collection did. Instead of opting for the traditional floral pattern seen on dining sets from the past, Bethan Lloyd took a different route with this collection using traditional enamel-painting methods paired with a modern concept.

Bethan Lloyd Worthington Tableware is a fun alternative to often boring dishware, and the colorful designs are a testament to the fact that dishes don't have to be mundane. According to the website Design break, each of the pieces of dishwater are hand-painted and inspired by the drawings and paintings of artist Robert MacFarlane's 'The Wild Places.'

The funky, colorful, abstract patterns are individual to each piece of tableware, which is amazing when one considers that each set has been individually hand painted!