The Best Friends Home Dog Mansions are Comfortable Canine Quarters

Readers beware, this post is about to get doggone adorable with the Best Friends Home dog mansions. Available in four styles, Cubix, Fairytale, Alabama and Lönneberga, the houses are luxurious live-in dwellings for your pooch.

These comfy canine cribs don't come cheap, so you'd be barking up the wrong tree if you're looking for an affordable living space for your favorite pup. The Best Friends Home dog mansions are, well, mansions, and therefore come with a hefty price tag that starts at $2,800.

If you're open to spending that much on man's best friend, these houses are truly spectacular. Whether you want your precious pet to enjoy a lavish lifestyle in a modern or old-fashioned home, your pup will surely be grateful.