Berndnaut Smilde Creates Real Clouds in the Name of Art

 - May 7, 2012
References: architizer & sweet-station
If you’re thinking to yourself that the clouds in this Berndnaut Smilde installation look rather realistic, that’s because they’re the real thing. Rather than fashioning clouds out of tangible materials or projecting images into a space, Smilde uses smoke, moisture and spotlighting to create the illusion of nimbuses seemingly appearing spontaneously in the middle of rooms. To truly appreciate how impressive a feat this is, you must imagine yourself walking into a room and seeing things that normally occupy the sky suddenly consume a ceiling.

Berndnaut Smilde dubs this work ‘Nimbus II,’ with the original ‘Nimbus’ installation first exhibited in 2010. This new iteration is much more surreal due to the painted hues of the room, and because no two clouds are the same, viewers get distinct experiences from one another.