This Marc Anderson Artwork is a Throwback to the Past

 - Jul 7, 2012
References: marcandersen & eclectic-society
Marc Andersen uses silk scarves as a canvas for his unisex prints that mix dreamy urban landscapes against geometric shapes of the city. A reacurring theme of reaching the sky is apparent, whether it is the mushroom cloud, heaven, tree tops, the galaxy, or a city skyline. Some prints create a freeing sense of a romantic dystopia.

The Berlin-based team that makes up Marc Andersen have referenced their stiles, graphics and images to the Nu Disco Music and the underground cultural scene in Berlin that makes up the 80s revival. With all of the scarves made and printed in Como, Italy, these scarves become luxury pieces of art to wear and add to your wardrobe, creating a younger rival to some of the other scarf brands out there.