The Benjaman Kyle Portrait Exposes a Life Without an Identity

 - Dec 17, 2012
References: findingbenjaman & odditycentral
Miguel Endara created an extremely impressive and intricate detail of Benjaman Kyle, a man who has an even more incredible story than the portrait itself.

The story behind the portrait is one that is usually only seen in soap operas. It begins in 2003 when Benjaman Kyle was found badly beaten behind a dumpster at a fast food restaurant. Once at hospital, he was diagnosed with having retrograde amnesia and was completely unaware as to who he was. Despite public appearances and efforts by authorities, to this day no one can figure out this man's true identity. This heart-breaking tale inspired the artist to create the portrait, which is made up of 2.1 million ink dots and took a painstaking 138 hours to create.

Though Benjaman Kyle may not have a past, the kindness of others such as the artist and the documentary dedicated to him, are trying to help him have a future.