Hyddin's Take on the Belt Reimagines the Accessory with a Hidden Flap

 - Sep 13, 2018
References: kickstarter
In the context of functional belt designs, one might think that there isn't much room for innovation. However, Portland-based startup Hyddin boldly contradicts that with its newly launched Kickstarter. The product — a belt that boasts a hidden flap, is handmade and inspired by a silhouette by the founder's grandfather.

Belt designs are always super tricky to integrate into an outfit due to their bulkiness or hanging excess textiles. Thanks to forward-thinking simplicity, Hyddin is able to successfully alleviate this by keeping the flap behind the belt itself. This does not only allow for convenience and comfort, it also fosters a "crisp modern look." Available in fabric and in leather, Hyddin makes its product to suit both men and women.