This Educational Software Teaches Users About Different Beer Styles

'BeerSavvy' is an e-learning program that teaches users about different beer styles. The growing interest in craft beer has meant that bars, restaurants and retailers need to equip their staff with a better understanding of the beer industry. This program can be used to gives employees a crash course in different beer styles.

BeerSavvy is a web-based learning program that teaches employees about the beer industry. The program features an engaging blend of videos, narrated animations and periodic quizzes to help users learn more about beer. The program allows each user to learn at their own pace and work around a busy schedule. Users who complete the program will be left with a greater understanding of the history and flavor profile of more than 40 different beer styles. Users will also be taught about beer storage, sales and service.

The goal of the program is to help bars and retailers equip their staff with a greater understanding of the beer industry. In turn, this knowledge can help brands capitalize on the growing consumer interest in craft beer.