This Becks Project Creates Music Using Beer Bottles and Phonographs

 - Jun 15, 2013
References: & gizmag
Beloved beer brewery Becks is getting into the music business, and to promote its new label it's created an Edison-inspired musical device involving beer bottles and a phonograph.

This crafty music player was created after the design team at Becks noticed that beer bottles were about the same size as the cylinder that would have been used in the phonograph in the 19th century. The team used the phonograph to carve a song into a Becks beer bottle and ran with this clever idea from their.

Becks calls this intriguing record alternative 'The Edison Bottle.' This brewery's new music label will be able to record and play music on a beer bottle rather than using traditional materials which is extremely clever. It only makes sense that Becks record label would incorporate some kind of musical beer bottle device.