BeeHaven Mead is as Easy on the Eyes as its Contents are on the Tongue

 - Sep 14, 2012
References: selektorstyle & packagingoftheworld
Clarity and whimsicality are combined in BeeHaven Mead packaging, successfully communicating the purity of the beverage and the pleasure of enjoying it. The visual identity was conceived by Farruk Tillaev from SelektorStyle.

The three varieties of the honey-based alcoholic drink assert themselves in different colors that correspond to their unique flavors. The ginger and coriander sort is green, the peach is orange and the blueberry is blue. The hues are soft and pastel-esque in nature and exude a scrumptious palatability.

The names of each of the flavors are printed a cross thin labels towards the bottom of the bottles in crisp and sophisticated typefaces. Up above, BeeHaven Mead packaging features an appealing honeycomb motif in which the hexagons separate, shrink and rise upwards like the carbonation bubbles in the beverage.