The Bee Station Gives Honey-Makers a Beehive Away from Home

 - Apr 8, 2011
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Ecosystems worldwide rely on the tireless work of those black and yellow striped insects, and the Bee Station provides a safe haven for the declining population of honeybees weary from their extra work. Designer Jamie Hutchinson decided it's time to intervene to help the little guys out, given that the ones who've survived in recent years may be the strongest, but they've also got their work cut out for them.

The solution is quite simple: the introduction of more nesting sights in areas of the garden where the bugs are their busiest. The Bee Station is an earthenware ball made with small holes for entry and ventilation, and the little legs contain a sugar water mixture to allow the little fellas to refuel, making it the perfect home to busy bees who need a break.