Oslo Planted Bee-Friendly Flowers to Support the Dwindling Bee Population

 - Sep 4, 2015
References: cbc & thedailymeal
The city of Oslo, Norway is doing its part in sustaining the struggling bee population by creating a cross-city floral pathway for bees to safely travel along.

"Insect hotels" line the highway for bees, providing nectar-rich plants every 250 meters for the pollinators to feed at. Bumble bees have an especially hard time living in the city because there is not a high number of nectar-rich plants. Oslo's city initiative combats this by adding things like rooftop bee hives and schoolyard flowers. As agriculture suffers, other cities will likely take note of this initiative and follow suit.

It is incredibly important that the bee population does not continue to decrease, as all life needs bees to pollinate food-producing plants. Whether it be plants that humans eat directly or those that feed animals, the food chain relies on the existence of thriving bumble bees.