These Foot-Warming Bed Socks are Made from a Synthetic Textile Blend

 - Jun 4, 2015
References: hj
HJ Hall's foot-warming bed socks are designed to boost body temperature and circulation. In addition to being ultra warm during cool winter nights, the hosiery accessories are also stylish, coming in four styles that include white, turquoise, coral and hot pink designs.

These circulation-boosting bed socks are made from a synthetic textile blend that features acrylic and polyamide elements. Each of HJ Hall's warmth-enhancing styles are also sweat-resistant, keeping one's feet warm without added perspiration and discomfort.

The luxury sock maker's styles are also accented with a smooth toe seam that enhances comfort and are priced at a 6 pound rate. These quality bed socks are designed with both style and comfort in mind and are guaranteed to boost warmth for those prone to cold or low blood circulation.