Lilla Szantoi's Beavatkozas Series is Quietly Quirky

 - Jul 9, 2011
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The Beavatkozas photo series is quietly quirky. It is centered on a girl who seems to be either playing a halfhearted game of hide-and-seek or who is simply lazily hiding away from life. An interestingly shot portfolio, the Beavatkozas series focuses on individual peculiarities in an artsy and somewhat abstract manner.

Shot by Lilla Szantoi, who is based in Budapest, the Beavatkozas photo series explores the idea of someone who is trying to melt into his or her surroundings so as to hide from the environment. Nevertheless, as we can see in the Beavatkozas photo series, the person in question is always visible and never truly hidden. The beautifully poetic Beavatkozas photo series tells us it is often futile to hide.