From Masculine Male Floral Crowns to Overwhelming Flower Headpieces

 - Aug 7, 2013
With the recent fad of outdoor music festivals, floral headband DIYs are all the rage. But aside from intricately bound flower crowns, floral headpieces have been a popular prop in the fashion industry since time. While many hip fashion photoshoots incorporate pretty petaled crowns, high-end editorials showcase eccentric statement pieces that would be hard to pull off day to day.

Flowers add a feminine touch to any outfit, which is why floral headpieces are popular props for female fashion. But that doesn't mean that flower headbands have never been worn by men; a magazine called Carbon Copy featured a male model sporting a fluffy flower crown. Aside from this, floral crowns differ in appearance because some are unison in color while others are completely uncoordinated.