Walk into a White Garden at the Beautiful People Shop in Tokyo

 - Nov 16, 2011
References: wonder-wall & retaildesignblog.net
The Beautiful People shop in Tokyo is an example of a cool, contemporary retail space that somehow merges the elaborate with the simple. I mean, this chic and simple retail space actually features walls completely covered in flowers.

The design of the store was by Japanese design studio Wonderwall, and as I mentioned, it uses a bunch -- 10,000, if we're counting -- of white artificial flowers of up to nine different species to cover its walls. The rest of the space is entirely minimalistic. According to the Retail Design Blog, the interior is a reflection of the fashion brand's image and uses contradictory ideas, such as "essential and superficial, constraint and freedom, or humorous and serious." Simple shelving units, glass cases and two long racks provide places to display the Beautiful People shop's wares, and a long bench runs the length of the store.