This Beautiful Ice Bucket is Made from a Mix of Flowers and Fruit

 - Aug 7, 2015
References: sugarandcharm
The 'Sugar and Charm' blog has developed a tutorial for making your own beautiful ice bucket out of nothing but fruit and flowers. With summer temperatures climbing, it can be difficult to ensure your beverages stay chilled in the heat. This gorgeous ice bucket provides a fun and simple way of keeping your wine icy cold.

To make the DIY ice bucket, all you need are two inexpensive plastic buckets and an assortment of decorative items such as flowers or fruit. To begin, fill a large bucket with about two inches of water and then freeze it for several hours. Next, fill a smaller bucket with heavy rocks and place this in the larger bucket. Fill the large bucket with a combination of water, fruit and flowers and then freeze overnight. In the morning, remove the smaller bucket from the middle. You should be left with a beautiful ice bucket that will dress up any outdoor party.