The Beardtrimmer 9000 Provides Ultimate Laser Precision

 - Oct 12, 2013
For those looking to trim every last hair in a 90 degree fashion, consider the Beardtrimmer 9000. This is the ultimate precision trimmer given that it comes equipped with a laser guide to control and experience a shave like none other.

The Beardtrimmer 9000 has a number of highlights: it provides a laser guide to allow for symmetric results, zoom wheels to 'lock in' on a certain trim setting, dual reversible trimmers, and skin-friendly performance. The trimmer is water resistant and the laser and display are LED powered. The Beardtrimmer 9000 will eliminate the scruffy look and allow for perfect results every time. Mens grooming has been taken to the next level so there is no longer an excuse for an off-centered goatee.

Check out the Beardtrimmer 9000 series for those precision cuts and get that confident look you've always dreamed of.