Signul is a Beacon System That Streamlines Daily Tasks

 - Sep 24, 2014
References: iotdesignshop.tumblr & indiegogo
The average smartphone today is pretty powerful on its own, but the Signul personal beacon system is designed to make them even more capable. Signul enables you to set up specific zones in the real world, so that as you leave home, get into your car or arrive at a friend's place, your phone will automatically send out a text, open a website, or begin playing music.

Signul describes that it "automates your life based on micro-location." Rather than having to fiddle with opening apps or talking to the virtual assistant on your phone, this is a smart way to save yourself that little bit of extra time. To set up a beacon, it's as easy as launching the Signul app, activating a Signul beacon and specifying the action that the beacon should trigger.