Macy's Beacon Retail Technology is About to Get More Precise

In an effort to compete against the rise of e-commerce, brick-and-mortar stores like department chain Macy's have incorporated beacon retail technology in-store.

Macy's leap onto the Beacon Bandwagon marked the largest beacon roll-out in any industry to date. Working in conjunction with the shopkick app, the department store's 4,000 locations now feature shopBeacon technology. Many other retail companies use shopkick to improve consumers' in-store experience, including JCPenney, Target, Old Navy and Best Buy. The San Francisco-based app is a true success story, evolving from a five-person start-up into a leading retail technology company that operates using a point-based system of reward.

Currently, shoppers are notified of store-wide sales and promotions, but as the company continues to tailor the beacon retail technology, they'll be informed of more precise, location-based sales as soon as Spring 2015.