Allsop's Splash Pack DriPod

 - Jul 31, 2007
References: chipchick
There's nothing like kicking back on the beach, cooler full of Corona and your favourite MP3s blaring on your iPod. Lounging poolside at the Mirage Hotel in Las Vegas were hundreds of vacationers taking in some sun this July, a huge proportion of them rocking to their portable music players.

These summer chilling scenarios would be perfect if it weren't for one small problem - protecting the iPods from water, whether it be splashes from obnoxious kids in the pool, or your overwhelming urge to take your tunes along while you go for a dip.

Allsop's Splash Pack DriPod is the answer we've been waiting for, and now you've heard about it in time to enjoy the rest of this summer's pool days with a groove.

"Allsop's Splash Pack DriPod provides a water-proof, air tight soft case for your ipod or other similarly sized electronic device. The bag features a triple seal, and a heat-sealed headphone jack, and they claims that the case is submersibles to up to about 10 feet. But don't worry, despite all the protection, you'll still be able to control the ipod while inside the case. A lanyard is included so that you can wear your ipod on you as well."

For $20, it's an affordable way to make a splash!