The Batmobile Lawnmower is the Perfect Vessle to Fight Off Evil Weeds

When the evil forces of weeds and unwanted shrubbery rise up, only the Batmobile Lawnmower stands between a pristine yard and a ravaged patch of grass.

The fabulous invention was originally part of the Alumni Parade 2012 in Lebanon, New Hampshire. After realizing the potential of what a fully functional Batmobile could do, the designer decided that the crime fighting vehicle could at least help with garden work. Fixed with rotating blades, the Batmobile Lawnmower makes outdoor chores a daunting adventure full of peril and danger.

Looking more like Adam West's Batmobile from the popular 60s television show, this revamped lawnmower doesn't quite stand up to the likes of the newer models in Christopher Nolen's Dark Knight films but is still an impressive invention.