Batman Street Art in Madrid for the Premiere of the Dark Knight Rises

3D street art is nothing new, but in Madrid, IMAX and The Dark Knight Rises is finally using this new street art form for promotional purposes. Created to celebrate the IMAX release of the film this Friday in Europe, the piece of street art is compelling and interactive.

The 3D art captures Gotham in ruins. The buildings look bleak and appear as if they’ve been blown to shreds, leaving viewers to feel as though they must hop from stone to stone to avoid falling to their death. At the bottom of the chalk painting is Batman’s signature symbol in a bold, blazing fiery design.

There’s sure to be thousands of people lined up around the block to get into the premiere of The Dark Knight Rises tomorrow; too bad there isn’t awesome street art like this in every city. I’m sure many fans wish they lived in Madrid so they could check this awesome piece out.