The Brooklyn Bar Menu Generator Provides Users with Wild Eatery Ideas

 - Sep 8, 2015
References: brooklynbarmenus & eater
The Brooklyn Bar Menu Generator encourages entrepreneurs to rid themselves of traditional ideas. The menu generator will create both the name and the dishes for a brand new restaurant idea without the user ever have to get creative on their own.

Essentially the Brooklyn Bar Menu Generator allows users to click a button, which will produce a list of 12 dishes. A second button will then appear and produce a clever name to call the new eatery. Wild dishes have been seen coming out of the generator such as "sprouted artichoke tacos with sea-salt lime bombs and watermelon."

A few names that have been produced include pretentiously coined terms such as "Front & Westbury, St. Pauls & Pitkin and The Westminster." The unique menu creator serves up creative ideas that might just inspire a user to run with the ideas or possibly spark their own.