Baobab by Ionna Vautrin Branches into Surfaces for Separate Purposes

 - Oct 4, 2012
References: ionnavautrin & blog.leibal
A designer can have a great deal of fun with a simple table. Baobab by Ionna Vautrin is proof that you can do more with such an object than plainly providing a single level surface.

Inspired by the fat-trunked tree with stubby branches, this pair of side tables has an aesthetic whimsicality about it. This is evident in the way that the intent of biomimicry was abstracted with quite the creative license. Only the very short bases of the furnishings remain wide before they offshoot into two or three narrow pillars that rise perfectly vertically.

In one model, both of the boughs open up into oblong tray-like tops -- a feature that can be found on one shaft in the second version of the Baobab by Ionna Vautrin. This latter model includes a pair of eye-level mirrors that fan out like broad leaves.