The Balancing Butter Knife Ensures Cleaner Counters and Less Waste

 - Sep 4, 2015
References: uncommongoods & thegreenhead
There's likely no one out there that hasn't used a knife to spread butter or jam before putting it down on the counter only to be left with a mini mess, but with the Balancing Butter Knife this inconvenience is no more. Designed with an innovative counterbalanced weight on the end of the handle, the Balancing Butter Knife will stand upright for easily placing the knife down after use.

The Balancing Butter Knife is ideal for use when making sandwiches or toast: imagine never having to clean peanut butter or mayonnaise off the counter again. While the inconvenience is small, the clever design of the Balancing Butter Knife is large. Made from stainless steel, the Balancing Butter Knife is dishwasher safe.