The Garmin Backtracker Helps Cyclists Detect Cars in Their Vicinity

 - Jan 19, 2015
References: newsroom.garmin & gizmag
The Backtracker is a car-detecting bicycle radar system, developed by the now-defunct startup iKubu, that has since been revived by electronics giant Garmin.

This novel system utilizes a pair of high-tech radar modules to detect vehicles around the bicycle, warning the cyclist to exercise caution and ride accordingly.

The rear module uses a 24-Gigahertz antenna to scan for vehicles coming up from behind. When it detects a vehicle, it notifies the front module via Bluetooth low energy. This module then alerts the rider to the approach of cars using an LED display. The rear module is also equipped with a built-in tail light, which blinks more rapidly as vehicles get closer to it.

The Backtracker is set to be the first of many iKubu technologies that will be integrated into Garmin products.