The 'Back to School: Then and Now' Infographic is Educational

 - Aug 24, 2012
It should come as no shock that the way that students went back to school a few years ago is dramatically altered from how it is now, leading to the creation of the 'Back to School Then and Now' infographic. College and university students have gadgets at their disposal that their parents could really only ever dream of.

With over 70% of students bringing laptops and tablets to take notes on instead of the good old pen and paper option, the classroom has gotten a definitive technological upgrade. This has also become a huge market that many retailers are profiting off of.

Facebook has become a means through which professors can communicate and send materials to students over. E-books have swept the nation. Rather than suffering from back problems and over expensive physical textbooks, students can buy cheaper, easier-to-carry options and have them with them wherever they go.