'Is a Bachelor's Degree Worth the Cost?' Infographic is Eye-Opening

 - Nov 13, 2011
References: rasmussen.edu & holykaw.alltop
They say knowledge is power, and the more you know the better, but the 'Is a Bachelor's Degree Worth the Cost?' infographic questions the concept of paying money to make money.

This infographic puts down the question that has been doing the rounds in the minds of many, but the good news is that a bachelor's degree will take you places. The statistics show that bachelor's degree holders earn $2.1 million, almost double than the high school diploma earners. The National Center for Education Statistics brings to notice that there is an increase in the number of people going back to studying, young and old alike.

Four long years of studying sure makes all the difference, and could double the zeros on your cheque. If you were in two minds about taking those extra courses and earning yourself a degree, check out the 'Is a Bachelor's Degree Worth the Cost infographic and you might change your mind.