The Baby Shower Cap Keeps Soap and Shampoo Out of Your Kid's Eyes

 - Sep 26, 2013
References: justimagine-ddoc & likecool
Once you've gotten over the overwhelming cuteness of the child in the photo, take a look at the Baby Shower Cap and consider its value. The bath time accessory is an unusual one to behold, but it presents quite a clever way to wash an infant without inflicting any unwanted discomfort. I wish I could tell you who makes and sells the Baby Shower Cap, because I'm quite sure that a few young parents out there might be interested in it.

The apparently silicone material of the curious cranial skirt gently grips around the crown of the tot's head, acting like a sort of umbrella. With this in place, soapy water can be poured over the youngster, ensuring that none ends up in the little one's eyes.