Bepantol's Baby Rash Cream Ad Offers One Cry-Stopping Solution

 - May 28, 2014
References: adsoftheworld
As this Bepantol ad points out, there are a lot of reasons that babies cry. Unfortunately, when they're too young to be able to form words, or indicate what's upsetting them so much, it's a bit of a guessing game for parents—and not a fun one at that.

Alongside a very upset snivelling baby mid-cry, this print ad highlights the long list of things that parents go through, trying to figure out if a baby is tired, hungry, too hot, too cold or just being in a fussy mood. On the long list, the only thing that's been crossed off is diaper rash, which Bepantol's Baby Anti Rash Cream cured. As well as providing relief for an infant, parents' ears and tolerance levels will no longer need to be tested.