These Baby Bites Sleeping Bags Will Hungrily Keep Your Young Ones Warm

The youngsters inside won't get the joke, but moms and dads will appreciate the humor of wrapping their infants up in these adorable Baby Bites sleeping bags. Sold through the Cubo shop, this is a collection of marine creature pouches that serve as 100% cotton bundles for little ones to keep them cozy as they slumber or snuggle up for story time.

A killer whale, a gray shark and toothy fish of the green, red and blue varieties are complete with the tail and pectoral fins that make them recognizable as ocean-dwelling animals. Their mouths gape broadly as the openings of the baby bags, with concealed zippers serving to help swaddle and release toddlers from the soft jaws of the Baby Bites. They make chairs, floors and cribs even comfier.