The Babel Collection by Nir Meiri and REDESIGND Combines Art and Function

 - Jun 12, 2014
References: nirmeiri & design-milk
The Babel Collection is made up of vessels that blur the line between art and function. Although the purpose of each piece isn't at all deceptive, it is undeniable that the designs focus as much on form as it does on practicality. Full of sculptural silhouettes and natural textures, the Babel Collection is something people would want to display in their home with pride.

A collaborative project between REDESIGND and Israeli designer Nir Meiri, the Babel Collection is a limited edition collection made up of nine pieces: vases, boxes, candlesticks and three trays. Handmade out of natural materials such as bamboo and chipboard as well as Corian, the vessels are inspired by ancient architecture, specifically temples and altars. When together, the illustrate the skyline of an ancient city.