These Azealia Banks Covers are Infused with Fun and Color

Artist Hattie Stewart has created more graphic art portraits with this colorful set of Azealia Banks covers. Stewart is known for composing gorgeous print-heavy graphics via magazine covers and Banks’ feisty personality and fierce fashion aesthetic make her the perfect model for this latest installment.

The finished product leaves us with a fabulously exaggerated pop-art vibe. Stewart plays graffiti artist by illustrating embellished eyelashes, patterns, doodles and even different facial expression modifiers over Azealia’s photos. The photos, which are currently posted on Banks’ Instagram and Stewart's Tumblr, evoke a colorful, cartoon-come-to-life look and feel. Banks is clearly showing off her playful personality with this lively collaboration. Immerse yourself in a fantastical realm living-art concept with this fun photo series.