'Awkward Merit Badges' Will Make You Reminisce on Your Mistakes

Blogging site 'Pleated-Jeans' has designed a line of imaginary 'Awkward Merit Badges' that will make everyone feel better about their awkward run-ins. All of the patches will appeal to a wide audience, as each social error identified is extremely common.

Almost everyone has earned the "Food in Teeth" badge and the "Called Someone the Wrong Name" Badge. The higher levels of merit include earning honors such as "Thought Stranger Was Waving at You" and " Best Friend is Pet." Collecting all of these badges is not exactly something to be proud of, but Pleated Jeans makes it so you know you're not alone. Furthermore, the series engages in a sort of self-deprecating humor that is not only popular right now, but adds just the right amount of lightheartedness.