The 'Togglit' is Can be Used by Those with Limited Tech Skills

The connected home has given way to a number of innovative solutions that are great for avid programmers and developers, but the 'Togglit' DIY home automation kit takes a different approach.

Rather than requiring users to have extensive knowledge of technology, the 'Togglit' is capable of being installed with just a screwdriver. Consisting of an interface that uses an Arduino Uno and 1Sheeld, the system can run a variety of different hardware platforms including the Raspberry Pi.

The 'Togglit' DIY home automation kit can be added to a variety of different connected home scenarios to make it suitable for a bevy of different tasks. Everything from light switch toggling, to deadbolt locking can be performed with the 'Togglit.' Best of all, users can send a photo of their light switch or door lock to ensure the components they receive are compatible.