The 'Petly' is an Automatic Feeder That Ensures Pets Get Fed in Intervals

 - Sep 1, 2015
References: indiegogo & blessthisstuff
Making sure your lovable pet is regularly fed can be a difficult task, however now it can be accomplished with the help of an automatic feeder. 'Petly' dispenses food in preprogrammed intervals for pets while their owners are out and about. The automatic feeder makes sure the animals don't overeat or have their entire day's worth of food at once. Japanese designed, Petly is easy to operate, with just a few buttons that allow users to set the time and amount of food to be allocated. Its sleek minimal design blends itself naturally into a room's decor.

The increase in similar smart feeders, replenishing water basins and pet-sitting devices signal a decrease in time spent at home and a rise in robot-like technology that handles chores humans no longer have time for.