The Bosche Conceptual Pedal Design Offers Feedback from the Driver

 - Feb 5, 2016
References: bosch & fastcoexist
Bosch has recently introduced a new conceptual auto pedal that offers tech connectivity to improve the overall driving experience thanks to more driver-initiated feedback. The pedal is designed to respond and track touch to then provide into signals shared with the driver through their feet. This offers a unconventional way to alert drivers of changes or suggestions, but according to studies done by Bosch it is the most effective.

The new pedal is engineered to be haptic and use touch sensory to communicate to the driver through their feet. This means that the pedal pushes back, vibrates or knocks to give signals to the driver to provide driving feedback and suggestion. The added benefit of communicating to the driver through their feet is they are more attentive and responsive to the sensation of touch.