A High-Octane Conclusion of Our Auto Innovation Series

 - Dec 21, 2011
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Brought to you by the New 2013 Lincoln MKS with Lincoln Drive Control. Now it gets interesting.

All week Trend Hunter has been exploring the future of movement and the incredible discoveries that are set to change the way people travel. From a look at impressive new technologies, to ingenious new convenience concepts, to green and eco-friendly vehicle designs, we have been thrilled to take our readers on this roller-coaster ride through the coolest transportation innovations out there.

To close off our series, however, we’re excited to announce that this article is designed to bring you up to speed – literally. For the exciting conclusion to our coverage of the future of movement, we’ve decided to list our three favorite vehicle innovations that revolve around the concept of racing and going really, really fast. When it comes to pushing the envelope and bringing some serious power to the game, these ideas boldly go where no one has gone before. (Yes that was a Star Trek reference.)

1. Ant-Inspired Race Cars

If the name of this futuristic concept car (The SOLENOPSIS Race Vehicle) doesn’t already tickle your curiosity, then the fact that it is a mean motor machine designed for all-terrain racing in the year 2085 definitely will. With a fantastically tenacious outer appearance inspired by the ferocious Fire Ant and a beefy fuel cell for power, this beast is much more intense than your average sports vehicle.

2. Retro Rocket Motorbikes

At first glance, this 1929 Harley-Davidson motorbike might not seem like it belongs in the same category as an all-terrain monster machine from the future like the SOLENOPSIS, but fear not: this fearsome vehicle has a lot more to it than may immediately meet your eye. In fact, it has two jet engines strapped to its sides. Yes, you heard that right. Touted as the first of its kind, this absurdly powerful bike is definitely not for the casual racer.

3. Robotic Racing Bikes

Lastly, what better way is there to close off a series focused on the future of movement than by touching on the concept of vehicles driven by robots? Fans of the Terminator series may shudder at the inevitable nature of the thought, but Skynet fears aside, unmanned transportation is already among us. The more fascinating thought however, is how long it will be until we see the arrival of a racing sport that is completely focused on robotic racers. If and when that day comes, it wouldn’t be surprising to see something very like the Detonator motorcycle on the track after all.

Because all good things come to an end, we’d like to thank you for coming with us on this 4-part journey into the world of transportation innovations. It’s been an exciting ride (pardon the pun), but we hope that the ideas we’ve explored will continue to inspire and provoke your curiosity, amazement and wonder.