Autism Works in the UK Provides Opportunities for Autistic Adults

 - May 22, 2012
References: autismworks & facebook
Autism Works UK provides opportunities for autistic adults. It is a social business that actively tries to increase the amount of paid employment for individuals in the UK with an autism spectrum condition (ASC).

Currently, only 15% of the 500,000 adults with autism are employed even though most of these individuals are fully capable of a full-time position. There is a great need in the United Kingdom to improve this percentage, and to remove the negative stereotypes associated with people who have ASC.

Autism Works UK provides sustainable employment for individuals with ASC, provides new skills to the public and private sectors in the UK and ensures people with ASC are active and equal in society. The company aims to reduce costs while bringing creativity. Ultimately, their goal is to create profit and ensure skills are not wasted from individuals with ASC. Autism Works takes on a similar strategy to Specialisterne in Denmark and Aspiritech, Chicago, USA that have used positive discrimination towards adults with ASC.

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