These Australian Surfer Sunblock Ads Discuss Protection

 - Sep 10, 2011
References: bondiadvertising & adsoftheworld
It's difficult for companies and advertisers to appeal to the adolescent demographic when it comes to matters of health and safety, but it seems that these Australian Surfer Sunblock ads would do a convincing job. The set of three prints avoids underlying the obvious risks of sunburns and instead shows the consequences to other reckless activities that might occur at the beach.

The first image features a poor guy passed out on the sand, evidently after a night of heavy drinking. The second displays a burnt out jeep with a nasty message fingered onto it, while the third captures the profile of a pregnant woman. In all three cases, the Bondi Advertising agency of Sydney has included the message that this sunscreen product "Only protects you from the sun." These Australian Surfer Sunblock ads assert that alcohol poisoning, bullying and unplanned infants are issues that need to be resolved separately.